Thursday, 3 September


18.00-20.00 Welcoming Reception, WIFO (Arsenal Objekt 20)


20.30-22.00 Dinner (at a restaurant optional,tbc)


Friday, 4 September


09.00-09.15 Antonello Scorcu (Co-founder of EWACE)

and Karol Jan Borowiecki (ACEI Excecutive Board Member)

Welcome Address and History of EWACE


09.15-10.45 Session 1: Art Markets (Location large meeting room ground floor)

Chair: Martin Falk


Etro, Federico (University of Venice), Marchesi, Silvia (University of Milan), ‘The Economics of Impressionism’

Castellani, Massimiliano (University of Bologna), Pattitoni, Pierpaolo (University of Bologna), Scorcu, Antonello (University of Bologna), ‘From reserve prices to estimates: an empirical reassessment’ (PDF)

Hellmanzik, Christiane (Hamburg Germany), ‘Historic art exhibitions and modern day auction results’ (PDF)


Discussant: James Goodwin


10.45-11.15 Coffee Break


11.15-12.45 Session 2: Arts Audiences 1 (Location large meeting room ground floor)

Chair: Karol Jan Borowiecki

Castiglione, Concetta (University of Bologna), Infante, Davide (Università della Calabria) , ‘The evolution of theatre attendance in Italy: patrons and companies’ (PDF)

Patrizia, Lattarulo (IRPET Tuscany), Mariani, Marco (IRPET Tuscany), Razzolini, Laura (School of Business, Virginia), ‘High School Teens and Museums Attendance: A Field Experiment’ (PDF)

Willekens, Mart (University of Gent), Lievens, John (University of Gent), ‘Who participates and how much? Explaining non-attendance and the frequency of attending arts and heritage activities’ (PDF)


Discussant: Laura Vici


12.45-13.45 Lunch, On-site


13.45-15.15 Session 3: Clustering and Creative Workers (Location large meeting room ground floor)

Chair: Andrej Srakar

O’Hagan, John (Trinity College Dublin), Walsh, Alan, ‘Migration and Clustering of Prominent Western Philosophers: Broad Historical Patterns and Explanations’, (PDF)

Mitchell, Sara (Trinity College Dublin), ‘London Calling? Agglomeration Economies in Literature since 1700’

Borowiecki, Karol Jan (University of Southern Denmark), ‘The Origins of Creativity: The case of arts and in US since 1850’ (PDF)


Discussant: Christiane Hellmanzik


15.15-15.45 Coffee Break


15.45-17.15 Session 4: Funding the Arts (Location large meeting room ground floor)

Chair: Victor Fernandez-Blanco

Urrutiaguer, Daniel (Université Lumière Lyon 2), ‘Patronage and financing of French non-profit performing arts companies’ (PDF)

Wisniewska, Aleksandra (University of Warsaw), ‘Using discrete choice experiment to analyse the structure of public cultural expenditures: the case of the municipal theatres in Warsaw’ (PDF)

Vecco, Marilena (University of Rotterdam), Srakar, Andrej (University of

Ljubljana), Piazzai, Michele (Delft University of Technology), ‘Visitor attitudes to deaccessioning in Italian public museums’ (PDF)


Discussant: John O'Hagan


17.15 Reception

18.30 Optional Workshop Dinner

Restaurant Sperl

Karolinengasse 13, Wien 1040


Saturday, 5 September

09.15-10.45 Session 5A: Education/Labour Markets (Location large meeting room ground floor)

Chair: Antonello Scorcu

Scorcu, Antonello (University of Bologna), Vici, Laura (University of Bologna), Zanola, Roberto (University of Piedmont) ‘Does Academic Achievement Kill Recreational Reading’ (PDF)

Zawadzki, Kamil (University of Torun), Wojdylo-Preisner, Monika, (Univeristy of Torun), `We don’t need no education…’. Creative workers’ returns to education and experience. The evidence from Australia’ (PDF)

Akdede, Sacit (Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi), Uçkac, Aynur (Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi), ‘Are there more roles for men than for women in theatre plays?’ (PDF)


Discussant: Martin Falk



09.15-10.45 Session 5B: Digitalisation/Efficiency (small meeting room 2nd floor)

Chair: Sara Mitchell

Ateca-Amestoy, Victoria (University of Basque Country), Castiglione, Concetta (University of Bologna), ‘Digital cultural audiences. Should cultural managers worry about the digital divide?’ (PDF)

Fernandez-Blanco, Victor (University of Oviedo), Rodríguez-Álvarez, Ana (University of Oviedo), 'Measuring allocative efficiency in cultural economics’ (PDF)

Navarrete, Trilce (University of Southern Denmark), Borowiecki, Karol Jan (University of Southern Denmark), ‘Change in access after digitization: ethnographic collections in Wikipedia’ (PDF)


Discussant: David Infante


10.45-11.15 Coffee Break


11.15-12.45 Session 6A: Arts Audiences 2 (Location large meeting room ground floor)

Chair: John O’Hagan

Falk, Martin (WIFO), Katz-Gerro, Tally (University of Haifa), ‘Modelling the travel decision: City, cultural trip or both?’

Tal, Feder (University of Haifa) ‘Access to culture and arts policy: Does arts funding promote access to cultural consumption in the U.S.’ (PDF)

Zieba, Marta (University of Limerick), ‘Cultural participation of tourists: evidence from travel habits of Austrian residents’, (PDF)


Discussant: Karol Jan Borowiecki


11.15-12.45 Session 6B: Art Investors and ‘Lovers’ (small meeting room 2nd floor)

Chair: Christiane Hellmanzik

Vecco, Marilena (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Chang, Simeng (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Di Benedetto, Giacomo (Erasmus University Rotterdam), ‘Art as an investment: return, risk and portfolio diversification in Chinese contemporary art’ (PDF)

Hellmanzik, Christiane (Hamburg University), Goodwin, James (Christie’s Education), ‘Demography and the art market’ (PDF)

Lee, Boram (University of Stirling), Fillis, Ian (University of Stirling), Fraser, Ian (University of Stirling), ‘Nudging art lovers to give more’ (PDF)


Discussant: Antonello Scorcu


12.45-13.45 Lunch, On-site


13.45-15.30 Session 7a: Cultural Perspectives (Location large meeting room ground floor)

Chair: David Infante

Kuld, Lukas (Trinity College Dublin), ‘The diffusion of research knowledge in economics’

Srakar, Andrej (University of Ljubljana), Verbic, Miroslav (University of Ljubljana), Copic, Vesna (University of Ljubljana), ‘European “cultural models” in statistical perspective: A high-dimensionally adjusted cultural index for the EU countries, 2005–2009’ (PDF)

Tubadji, Annie(University of Bologna), Nijkamp, Peter, 'Cultural persistence chains and local employment: economic impact evaluation of the South East Europe Cultural Corridors’ (PDF)


Discussant: Marta Zieba


13.45-15.15 Session 7b: Cultural Taste and Politics

Chair: Boram Lee


Monika Murzyn-Kupisz (Crakow University of Economics), ‘Willingness to pay taxes to support museums in Poland. The case of the Castle Museum in Lancut’ (PDF)

Bertacchini, Enrico (University of Torino), Liuzza, Claudia (Stanford University), Meskell, Lynn (Stanford University), Saccone, Donatella (University of Torino), ‘The politicization of UNESCO World Heritage decision making’ (PDF)

Zednik, Anita (Macquarie University), ‘Aesthetic taste and consumer demand for cultural goods: an application to theatre’ (PDF)


Discussant: Tal Feder


15.15-15.30 Closing Remarks, John O'Hagan (Past President ACEI) and Martin Falk (Local organiser)


16:00 Visit of the Belvedere Palace (optional)